Icy Breeze

Icy Breeze

A flirtation with green tea, limes, lemons, Moroccan mint and white cornflowers. Refreshing and notably distinct. We picked a green tea from the Nilgiri Hills in India and blended it with a green tea from Yunnan Province in China to get a pitch perfect base for this splendid blend. The addition of citrus and mint makes this tea a thrilling concoction for the tastebuds. 

This tea is an invigorating blend of refreshing mint and the distinct green tea taste, add a sprig of fresh mint to further enliven this tea at brewing.

Origin: Green tea from Nilgiri, India and Yunnan Province, China

Brew: 1 teaspoon per cup for 1-3mins in 80-90° water. No need for milk

Ingredients: Green tea, mint, lime slices, lemon peel, blackberry leaf, sugar crystals (sugar, rice flour, hardened peanut oil), sweet, lemon granules (glucose syrup, wheat, concentrated lemon juice, slightly sugared apricots, modified starch – potato), mint