flowering tea in tea by birdy glass teapot

Flowering Tea Collection Box

Say it with flowers, this gift is the perfect christmas or birthday present for a loved one…our collection of 8 hand-woven, flowering white tea bulbs is simply magnificent, the ultimate luxury gift. A stunning interpretation of the beauty of tea, and pays homage to the glory of nature. This deluxe box is sure to make the perfect gift. 

Brewing Instructions:   1 bulb per teapot in 80-90° water, leaves will unfurl slowly after 2 minutes.  Can be re-infused 3-4 times. For best effect try a glass teapot. or a large wine glass.

AUSTRALIAN JASMINE:  white tea, jasmine & marigold

BIRD OF PARADISE:  white tea, lilly flower & sweet osmanthus

BIRTHDAY BLOOM  white tea, lychee, marigold, jasmine flowers & rose bud.

BLOOMIN’ MARVELLOUS  white tea, blueberry butterfly pea & peony flowers.

BLOSSOMING LOVE  white tea, raspberry, strawberry, hibiscus & peony flowers.

RAINFOREST MAGIC: white tea, camellia mango.