flowering tea in tea by birdy glass teapot

Flowering Tea Collection Box

Say it with flowers, this gift is the perfect christmas or birthday present for a loved one…our collection of 8 hand-woven, flowering white tea bulbs is simply magnificent, the ultimate luxury gift. A stunning interpretation of the beauty of tea, and pays homage to the glory of nature. This deluxe box is sure to make the perfect gift. 

Brewing Instructions:   1 bulb per teapot in 80-90° water, leaves will unfurl slowly after 2 minutes.  Can be re-infused 3-4 times. For best effect try a glass teapot.

AUSTRALIAN JASMINE  The waft of Australian Jasmine and a pink chrysanthemum flower spring from this little white tea bulb.

BIRD OF PARADISE  Both expensive and exquisite Bird of Paradise explodes into a floral display on brewing, with a burst of orange lily and a shower of petals.

BIRTHDAY BLOOM  An arc of jasmine blossoms is sealed with a celebratory orange kiss at the top from a lily flower.

BLOOMIN’ MARVELLOUS  This bulb reveals a halo of white jasmine flowers.  Elegant and magical, nothing short of bloomin’ marvellous.

BLOSSOMING LOVE  One by one the leaves of this bulb unfurl into what can only be described as a symbol of love.  For all you lovers out there.

OCEAN CORAL  Ocean Coral blossoms into a thick carpet of yellow marigold flowers like coral on an ocean floor.

RAINFOREST MAGIC  A little piece of tea magic, watch this bulb turn into dazzling bed of marigold flowers and a tropical storm.

SYDNEY SUNFLOWER  A creation like Sydney dawn at the Harbour…an elegant bridge of white jasmine over a yellow bloom.