China Pouchong

China Pouchong

This is a mild, green oolong with a beautiful balance of green tea freshness and heavenly floral notes found in darker oolongs. In the cup you will find a buttery sweet and uplifting aroma that lingers on the palate long after your last sip.

This tea has a soft, succulent texture and a clean, refreshing finish. Pouchongs are somewhere between a green tea and an oolong tea and this pouchong is only slightly oxidized (just 8-10%).

The tea plant cultivar and the knowledge to produce this China pouchong is adopted from Taiwan and as a result the taste is similar to a Formosa oolong.

Origin: Huangshan, Anhui Province, China.  The elevation of the plantation is at approximately 300m above sea level.

Brew: 1 teaspoon per cup for 2-2 1/2 mins in 80-90° water. No need for milk