Flavoured Teas

Flavoured teas are made by adding dried flowers, fruits, herbs, spices or essential oils to white, green, yellow, oolong black or dark teas.  The additional flavourings must work in harmony with the teas so that no ingredient is overwhelmed but happily brings its own character to the mix.  Subtle and skillful blending is essential in creating flavoured teas.
There are 3 types of flavouring: natural flavour; nature-identical flavour; artificial flavour.
Natural Flavourings  are individual substances with flavouring properties obtained from natural raw materials, such as fruit, herbs, flowers,  coffee etc.  When we state ‘natural flavour’ in our ingredients list we guarantee that only physical, enzymatic or micro-biological processes have been employed for production, such as squeezing, distilling or fermenting.
Nature-Identical Flavourings conform 100% with the chemical structure of natural flavourings.  They are not harmful to us.  The flavours are produced by a chemical process such as esterification or acetylation, and the raw materials are not of a natural origin.  There is a broad spectrum of nature-identical flavourings available and we use them specifically to concentrate flavour and aroma in a more cost effective way than afforded by natural flavourings.  When we state ‘flavour’  in our ingredients list we are referring to nature-identical flavours.    The majority of ‘scented’ teas available on the market are flavoured this way with the oils being added at the last stage of the tea making process.  The tea is turned in huge barrels and the oils sprayed evenly into the leaves.
Artificial Flavourings have flavour properties but no natural equivalents.   Only 15 accredited artificial flavourings may be added to certain foodstuffs.   Fortunately they only play very minor role in the food industry.  These artificial flavourings are not used in our teas!