Cafes and Restaurants

Tea by Birdy supply quality cafes and restaurants with fine teas and elegant tea ware.  We understand how busy you are and take the stress out of tea service.

Whether you’re looking for an entire tea selection or just a specialty tea menu to compliment your existing supplier, we can help. We offer cafe starter packs with everything you need to get started, drop us a line or give us a bell and we can put one together for you.

Staff Training

We offer hands on staff training to take your tea service to the next level. We will also provide ongoing support and bring fresh ideas to keep your tea business our business.  

We respect your investment

Tea by Birdy will turn your investment in our brand into increased sales by providing a standard and quality to your tea service.   We’ll drop in and see what’s selling and what’s not, we’ll send you our hospitality e-newsletter with profit making suggestions.  Happy to work with you on new custom blends or co-branded marketing opportunities. Most of all we bring a sense of ‘wow’ to tea that will keep your customers returning to enjoy our unique teas served consistently, perfectly and stylishly.