How fresh is your tea & how to store it?

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When tea was first exported from China to Europe and America, the journey from the tea mountains to the Chinese ports and onward by sea to Amsterdam, Lisbon, London or New York took around a year.  By the time the teas been offloaded into warehouses, sold to brokers or tea blenders, blended, packed and delivered to the merchants, another 6 to 12 months had passed slowly by and the teas were anything but fresh!  Today, with email, mobile phones, and modern transportation, the entire business of ordering tea is much quicker and more efficient and most teas reach the supermarket or retailer’s shelves 4 months or so after the leaves were picked from the bushes.  So they taste just as fresh as they did when they left the tea factory.
If you’re wondering how long they will stay that fresh, the teas will hold onto their quality for up to 2 years – as long as they’re stored in really air-tight containers and are kept in a cool dry place away from light, and smelly foods, and humid air.  Just make sure you put the lid tightly back on the tin, or fold down the top of the foil pack to keep out the air and hold in the flavour.
And at Tea by Birdy we include some really rare and very special teas which are sourced direct from the growers.  That means they reach us even quicker – in just the few short weeks that it takes to pack the teas at the tea garden and send them off by air or sea.  So they reach your teapot as fresh as they can possibly be and with all their wonderful vibrant and lively flavours.
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