Fruit Infusions

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Fruit blends have been a refreshing supplement to green and black teas for many years.  In the old days the beneficial effect of “red tea“ was known.  Red tea were brews from rosehip, hibiscus, apple pieces and other dried fruits that were usually served as a dietary supplement to the diet when ill or at the evening meal.  Nowadays, the fruit blends make up their own important segment of most tea businesses.

Fruit blends contain neither caffeine nor tannin and are thus easy to prepare and are an ideal alternative for young and old. They are versatile, can be drunk cold and hot and can be combined well with other drinks. Fruit teas are not only drinks for the summer months but are also for any time of the year.


1 properly heaped teaspoon per cup. Good fruit teas need 10 minutes to brew, in order to unfold the

full flavour. Always use boiling water for herbs and herbal blends.

Herbal & Fruit Infusions

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